Sunday Sermon Synopsis for 2/7: Does Your Faith Work?

Back in 1517, Martin Luther caused an eruption within the Catholic Church. His primary grievance zeroed in on his phrase, “sola fide”, “by faith alone”. What was Dr. Luther’s agenda? He was merely seeking to “reform” the Church he loved; hence the “Reformation”. However, his protest got the PROTESTant Church-ball rolling. Six centuries later, Faith … [Read more…]

Sunday Sermon Synopsis for 1/10: What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Mk. 8:36

Sometimes pure logic is translated by others as insignificant illogic. Take for example, my son. Andrew, who like his dad before him, was not exactly a stellar college student. Yea, he graduated with a 3.0, which is good, but it’s certainly short of great. But what would torque me was when he would bring home … [Read more…]