Sermon Synopsis for Sunday May 20: “The Locusts are Coming!”

Sometime during the 105-day Winter War in Finland, but before the signing of the Moscow Peace Treaty on March 12, 1940, my wife’s mother, Anna-Liisa Kumpulainen, fled for her life; as did just about everyone from her hometown. “The Russians were coming!” to take over her beloved Viipuri and all of the Karelian Isthmus. 400,000 … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis for Sunday May 13: “God’s Kingdom First”

Someone once asked John Wanamaker, “How do you have time to conduct a Sunday School program for 4,000 scholars, when you’ve got two large department stores to run, oversee the nation’s postal system as our US Postmaster-General, while also performing many humani-tarian and civic duties?” Mr. Wanamaker simply replied, “Sunday School is my business! All … [Read more…]