PASTORAL BIO: Robert Hampton

Pastor Bob and Mari Hampton

Because our church’s middle name is “Family”, we would like to make this bio more of a human interest snapshot of our Pastor. Hopefully, we will ask and answer the kinds of questions that will kindle your interest in our new ministry. Rather than listing off the “same-old-same-old” of typical pastoral profiles, we prefer to provide you a glimpse into the person:


  1. Who would Bob Hampton say Bob Hampton is? Just your ordinary kind of guy who just happens to love what he does. He finds no greater fulfillment than in teaching the Bible and watching it mold the lives of those who seek to put flesh on it.
  2. What is Bob’s favorite pastime? Sports of just about every variety – minus curling: too boring, and boxing: too brutal. A Philly boy from the 50’s he still enjoys the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Flyers, all with our most sincere sympathies.
  3. How long has Bob served as a pastor? Since he graduated from seminary back in 1980; first, a Youth Pastor for four years, and then the preaching pastor ever since. He also taught as an Adjunct Professor at Philadelphia College of Bible, Columbia International Seminary and Seminary of the East; and later counseled in the Mental Health field, working primarily with troubled adolescents.
  4. Where did Bob get his training? Primarily from his mom, dad and two siblings; and secondarily from his public and Sunday school teachers and even a handful of athletic coaches along the way. But he received his professional education at Philadelphia College of Bible (B.S.) and Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M; D.Min.).
  5. What hobbies does Bob enjoy? Pets would rank #1. He and his wife, Mari, share their home with two cats and one spoiled Teacup Chihuahua, along with an outdoor carp and koi pond. They also run a cat boarding business called Noah’s Park that provides them an opportunity to serve other animal lovers when they go away for vacation. Bob also enjoys playing and watching sports, landscaping his property, reading mystery novels and playing guitar.
  6. How would Bob summarize his philosophy of church ministry? He views the church like the town gas station. People who share his deep faith in Jesus gather at different times during the week to get a spiritual “fill up”. Then from time to time, everyone receives the spiritual “tune up” we all need or even some “repair” work, as in a “fender-bender” when someone has hit us with an unkind work, or a transmission overhaul when our spiritual gears begin to slip.
  7. We mentioned his wife. What’s she like? Everybody gets to know and like Mari right away. Is it her alluring Finnish accent, or her bubbly personality, or her endless energy and passion to make everyone feel valued? Yes. A trained clinical counselor (M.S. from Chestnut Hill College) with a deep love for children, her special gift is working among those with special challenges.
  8. Why would you want to get to know Bob and Mari? Because they’re down to earth and will accept you for being you, regardless of your emotional baggage. And why would they do that? Because they readily admit to struggling with the same kinds of issues we all face. But more significantly, they have discovered great satisfaction in sharing from their life experiences and how Jesus has given them many undeserved spiritual victories and unexpected blessings. They point to Him as the Only One Who has made, and is making, all the spiritual difference in their lives. They would love nothing more than to share our Jesus with you. In fact, we all would!

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