Sermon Synopsis for 5/1: What sign will signal the end of this age? Mt. 24:3

Will a time come when God says, “Enough is enough?” I suspect we’ve all played mental ping-pong over this eschatological quagmire more than occasionally. We see in our own land the ever-accelerating rate of moral freefall and ethical compromise. We hear around the globe of ugly nuclear threats coming out of North Korea and even … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis for 4/3: “Can the Dead Live Again?” Jb. 14:14

People love to express their opinion on certain weighty matters. The subject we’ll be addressing this coming Sunday is no different. Everyone has opinion on “Life after Death”; but all those opinions are as diverse as the people who voice them. I illustrate this point with a handful of contemporary quotes from ordinary American folk … [Read more…]