Closing Poems for Sermon Series “God’s Early Hall of Faith” Hebrews 11:1-19



We are sharing the closing poems for our current sermon series “God’s Early Hall of Faith” Hebrews 11:1-19.

Each can each be sung to the tune of “Amazing Grace”.

“Amazing faith, how sweet the sound, that fixed my certainty:
That God exists and birthed the earth, far beyond even all I see.
‘Twas faith that taught my heart to trust, and through faith my eyes perceived,
That God is there and full of care to those who choose to believe.
The Lord has promised life to me; my faith His Love secures.
He will my God and Rewarder be as long as my faith endures.”

“Amazing faith, how sweet the sound, that continues Abel’s legacy.
That good works abound where faith is sound, among those who trust implicitly.
‘Twas faith that flows from hearts that sing with thanksgiving and with love.
By off’ring our best, we’re certainly blessed, by the favor from Heaven above.
When we go there some future year, what will others say of me?
That he proved his talk by his Spirit-led walk and yet lives through his legacy?”

“Amazing faith, how sweet the sound, that set Enoch apart.
He walked w/ God like no other trod. Oh, how he pleased God’s Heart!
‘Twas faith that earned him God’s reward, that raptured him straight to Heav’n.
But while he was here, he drew men near, and pointed them to his Lord.”

“Amazing faith, how sweet the sound, that helped Noah to see.
A flood and a boat so his family could float, until on dry land they’d be.
‘Twas faith that proved itself through works and works secured his place.
He labored long while others did wrong. In the end he saved our race.”

Abraham and Sarah:
“Amazing faith, how sweet the sound, that led Abram and Sarah to go,
From their home and land at God’s command, until the Promised Land He did show.
‘Twas faith that restored new life w/in, two bodies long past their prime,
The gift of a son, a nation begun, God’s Promise was beyond sublime.”

“Amazing faith, how sweet the sound, proving Abraham a breed apart,
Laying his son on a pyre to please his God through a fire, ’cause he loved God w/ his whole heart.
‘Twas faith that saw beyond the fire, the Promise preserved though slain.
Poised to slay with a knife, God interceded for life, so the Promises in Jesus remain.”
“Amazing faith, how sweet the sound, that caused my eyes to see,
I have much more, God holds in store, awaiting in Heaven for me.”