A Look Back: 2013 Video Interview With Pastor Bob Hampton of Faith Family Fellowship Church


Pastor Bob

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The Scriptures are replete with examples of God calling His People to “Remember”, to reflect back on His Guiding Hand as we trek through our individual and corporate faith journeys. Recently, I watched a video interview that caused me to remember our church’s earliest days. I was struck with this central theme: change – and not.

Some of our Praise Band members are no longer with us – change; but we still praise the Lord through contemporary music – not change. Some of our teachers have moved on to other churches – change; but we still teach about Jesus to every age group. Where we once met was mobile and dependent on other ministries – change every week; but now we gather in our own historic church and fellowship whenever and however often we desire – not change permanently.

But most significantly, because we are sinners, our spiritual lives often resemble roller coasters – change that is up and down with varying speeds; but because Jesus is God, His Grace is sufficient to accept us where we are and prod us onto where we need to be – not change that is steady and strong. So we continue to preach and teach from His Timeless Word that is immutable – trusting that He, through it, makes us conformable.