Guest Speaker Sermon Synopsis for Sunday, September 18th: “God Has Made Us For More”


JOIN US this Sunday morning as we welcome back our Brother Rich Demeter Jr. to the pulpit with his Sermon entitled: “God Has Made Us For More” focusing on the Book of Matthew Chapter 22, Verses 34 thru 40 and the Book of Luke Chapter 15, Verses 11 thru 32.

When we gaze up at the heavens on a clear night and see the vast expanses of space we are in awe of the greatness and complexity of God’s creation. It can be intimidating and overwhelming. It all can make you feel small and insignificant in contrast.

We can find ourselves asking questions like, Who am I? Why did God create me? Do I matter? Can I make any contribution to God’s Plan?

You were created “On purpose, for a purpose”. You do matter!

You may think you were created for service or worship, and you were, but they are not the primary purposes you were created for. We will be focusing on this primary purpose. This chief purpose that all other purposes are to flow from.

Hope to see you on Sunday at 10 AM!