Guest Speaker Sermon Synopsis for Sunday, August 21st: “There is nothing Temporary about our Advocate”


JOIN US this Sunday morning as we welcome back our Brother Rich Demeter Jr. to the pulpit with his Sermon Entitled: “There is nothing Temporary about our Advocate” focusing on the Book of Ephesians Chapter 1, Verses 13 & 14.

When you give your life to Jesus something remarkable happens. God actually takes his Spirit and moves inside of each of us. Before he ascended, Jesus said that the gift of the Holy Spirit would be better for us than his physical presence here on earth.

As Christians we get to know many things about our Father God, and His Son who laid down his life to redeem us. We may know of the Holy Spirit, but many things about his purpose and role may not be clear.

Every relationship we have is based on performance and most times are temporary. Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is neither of these.  He is not conditional. He is not temporary.

The Spirit is also our advocate. Always looking to our nurturing, growth, protection, and standing up for us even though we have done wrong.

If you are imperfect like me, the significance of the work of the Spirit is POWERFUL!  “There is nothing Temporary about our Advocate”.    Hope to see you Sunday!