Guest Speaker Sermon Synopsis for Sunday, June 12th: “Are You a Christian Preservationist?”


Look at the world around us, what do you see? For most of us, it is not a pretty picture. We can see the scriptures being fulfilled. Like wrong being twisted into right, and right being twisted into wrong. We can see the depravity and seared consciences that the Bible for tells.

We know generally where things are headed as far as this world according to scripture. But a hard question to ask ourselves is this, do I take some responsibility for what we see? This is a hard question to answer, but, then again, maybe not. Why is it so important that our lives are to remain unspoiled by the world? Do we need to “clean our acts up?”

We are going to look at some Old Testament examples and some New Testament examples to answer some of these questions. As for the rest of these questions, well, this can be an opportunity to compare your life to scripture to see if you are truly loving your brother.

See you Sunday! Ashley and I and the kids are excited to worship with our Faith Family once again!